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I have been blessed with two beautiful children and this October I will be overflowing with more blessings... I'm having TWINS! 
This pregnancy has been so different from my first two single pregnancies and surprisingly, now that I'm past the morning sickness phase, I feel better and healthier than before! Join me on my adventures of this twin pregnancy -we'll talk vegan food, celebrations, and all of the ups and downs that come along in the process. 
This vlog is for everyone, from first time expectant mothers to moms who have been in the trenches for years. I'll be sharing recipes, frustrations, good days/bad days, and everything that comes with being vegan and pregnant...with twins! 
Tips for staying sane while limited physically 

I went from running marathons and doing Insanity Max 30 to having a really difficult time walking more than 5 minutes at a time. This vlog post is all about how I've focused on staying sane while I am limited physically. Hope it helps! 

Our Gender Reveal! 
I wanted to throw a Gender Reveal party before I ever knew I was pregnant... thank you Pinterest! Now we get to celebrate, TIMES TWO! 
Check out my rambling first vlog all about this special day. xoxo
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