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the pain touchers

Still In the story

Cant’s see the edges.

Can’t see the way.

Before and after are unclear.

What was before- is there going to be an after.

Feelings too big, real or fancied.

Tender to the touch.

Don’t touch.

Whatever you do don’t touch.

The infection only spreads.

We learned to live the ‘don’t touch’ lie.

Don’t touch the pain.

You’re prettier when you smile.

Drink this. Take that. Don’t feel the pain.

Safety with those whose scars match my wounds.

The seekers. The storytellers.

The pain touchers. The light shiners.

Still in the story? Can’t see the edges? Can’t see the way?

That’s okay, they say.

We’ve been there.

We’ll show you.

This is the way.

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