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Sewanee Trip Recap

We enjoy travel or at least local adventures pretty regularly. We had big plans of hiking and camping and traveling after moving back to the East last February and then like everyone else our plans were put on hold last March. And then I got sick last July. Y'all know the groundhog day that we’ve all been living in. When I got my brain tumor diagnosis back in December though and then made plans for surgery I got itchy to make a bucket list travel plan. Nothing too wild because we are in the middle of a pandemic- but I decided it was time to take my husband to see the mountain.

We lived on Sewanee Mountain when I was ages 7 to 10 while my dad attended University of the South for Seminary to become an Episcopal priest. Our family ties to the mountain started long before 1985 however. My grandfather was headmaster of St Andrews Sewanee for 20 years ending in 1980ish. My dad grew up there. He met my mom there. They got married there. My brother went to high school there. And the sermon that my upcoming book is based on happened there at my brother’s graduation in 1994. (I’m writing chapter 6 this weekend!).

The mountain has always been a sacred, even magical place in my heart and mind and I’ve talked about taking my husband there for years. What better time for a quick trip than NOW right? We made it happen and I’m so glad we did.

We went with a little to do list of things I wanted to make sure to show him and he got online to find hiking trails and things I might have missed.

I didn’t get pictures of it all but we got in everything but the pottery shops and Morgans steep. Plus we went out to Lake Cheston and hiked way farther than I thought I ever could- to Bridal Veil falls trail. It was beautiful.

Highlights of the trip

· Shenanigans for supper- memories from being a kid there, laughing with my person and they had a vegan burger with mushrooms so good!

· The house was amazing. One of the light switches was by the same artist my Grandmama commissioned to do the tiles on her fireplace. And I found a book of sermons by Fr Wade- who took over as headmaster after my grandfather. There was a sermon about my grandfather’s death which also happened in May of 1994. So moving.

· We found a dog friend named Dixie who was lost in our driveway. We called 3 different numbers until we found her grandparents and delivered her safely home

· We visited St Andrews Sewanee and I got to show Nick where the 3 things happened and where my parents were married and where my grandparents are buried. Still magic and holy.

· The Cross. Still magic and holy.

· The house we lived in is now a daycare and looks so much smaller than it seemed when I was little. I showed him where we sledded and where my brother got his concussion from falling off his bike.

· Finding Mooneys market so I could make my own version of tiktok pasta

· We stayed in and watched the sunset from the porch and had a paint night date.

· We went and reenacted Drink and a Treat.

Here is a photo dump of some of my favorite moments. When I have the energy I'll come back and caption them. Love to you all.

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