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A Letter to My Children

You are a perfect being, just as you are.

You are whole.

You are not your clumsiness, as you figure out how the world works and how your body works inside that world.

You are not your embarrassing smells or bumps or trip ups.

You are not the times you punch your brother or pinch the cat or break a thing or make a mess.

Your soul is wonderful and your mind is magical and your spirit and body and all that you are is beautiful.

You will be pain at times, and you will be struggle.

You are made of the stuff that is strong.

You have breath in your body, which means there is hope.

I wish that I could teach you and show you this.

That you are capable of so much.

So much good.

By being you, that good will seep out into the world.

My candles. My sunshines. My magnets.

I love you with all of my perfect insides and I love you for exactly who you are when you don’t even know it.

I love you for who you make me want to be and I love you for who I am when I look at you.

I love you for you and your imperfect perfection.

Thank you for being who you are.

Thank you for blessing me by coming here and being my child.

I hope I teach you well and

I hope that you will someday see that you are a perfect being just as you are.

(Free write from September 10, 2021 with the prompt

“I write as though you could understand and I could say it” -a line from the poem For A Coming Extinction by W.S. Merwin)

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