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Thoughts from my long run: quitting.

Yesterday on my run I wanted to quit. I didn’t think I could keep going so I quit. I was a mile away from home and still had almost 2 miles left of my 6 so I started walking and in my mind I was going home. I texted my husband. “I don’t think I can finish babe.” His reply “Where are you at with it?”. I knew he was asking where I was physically, but he was also trying to get an idea of where my mind was and if I was okay (it was REALLY hot out). By the time I typed that I was at 4.25 miles in I already knew I didn’t want to quit, that I could keep going if I changed my approach. I saw myself at my half marathon, trained and confident and that wasn’t going to come from quitting. I found a shady dirt road and finished out the last bit doing 1:1 intervals.

On that dirt road it occurred to me…

I had to quit just for a minute to realize I didn’t want to quit.

I had to quit just for a minute to realize my approach wasn’t working and with just a little tweak I could keep going. I had to quit just for a minute to reach out for help.

I quit, but I didn’t give up.

I think that when we keep going- when it’s hard, when we don’t want to, when we’ve got to quit just a little to figure out how to overcome the obstacles in our way- that’s when we get stronger. Easy or “comes natural” can be fun, but the real growth happens during the hard.

This week’s life lesson from my long run:

It’s okay to want to quit.

Sometimes quitting (just a little) will remind us why we want to keep going.

When you want to quit, remember why you started...

Don't give up.

(ALSO- don’t leave for a long run after 9am when it’s ridiculously hot out. ;-)

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