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Create. Nurture. 2016

Oh my. It’s been far too long since I typed up a blog post. 2015 flew by in a blur and my intentions for writing regular blog posts about health, fitness and food were wiped out by morning sickness, pregnancy brain and sheer exhaustion. 2016 finds us in a new state, new home, with amazing, gorgeous, healthy 13 week old twin boys where pregnancy brain has been replaced with new mommy brain; add in sleep deprivation and it’s a wonder I have enough creative energy for our grocery list. I woke up today itching to get my thoughts down and excited for a new year! I texted my husband (yes he was just in the other room, but yelling wakes sleeping babies) to bring me a fresh cup of coffee and my laptop, pretty please- because there’s a New Year’s blog post in here!

My themes for 2015 were curiosity, consistency and clearing out the clutter… All but the curiosity piece was completely crowded out by the ‘pregnant with twins’ theme by spring.

My ‘year-in-review’ in blog post titles that never came to be: Main Street Vegan Academy Recap, Running while pregnant, My Healthy Vegan Pregnancy, My Birth Story, Breastfeeding Twins, Thanksgiving 2015 recipes, Christmas 2015, all the yummy vegan food/cookbook reviews- and of course that lovely idea for a series of videos/vlog posts all about my pregnancy.

I’m looking back with no regret and also lots of love and compassion- while I didn’t document it like I wanted, 2015 was full of learning and growth and I have the experience to share.

My themes for 2016 have presented themselves loud and clear: Create and Nurture.

I want to CREATE:

Space through meditation




All the yummy healthful food

I want to NURTURE:

My babies (my goal is to breastfeed until at least 1 year)

My body (whole foods, working out regularly and getting back to running)

My mind (reading at least one good book per month)

My relationships

These themes feel right & I look forward to living in to them in the New Year and beyond…

What are your themes/goals/resolutions for 2016?

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