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My Easy (and maybe obvious) Tips for Meal Planning

Meal planning.

I’ve found that planning is the key to eating healthy, eating at home, and sticking to my goals.

There was a time where I didn’t know where to start- every grocery store trip was stressful and I had no idea what I was going to buy when I got there and always left with way more than what I needed. Getting home still having no idea what we were going to eat for the week. Wasting groceries every week. And eating out still.

Here’s what I do now. It may seem super simple and obvious but it wasn’t to me at one time so I thought I’d share in case you can relate.

1. I make a list of dinner meals that work with our weekly plans, I already have some ingredients on hand, we haven’t had in a while, or I know the kids will eat etc etc

-I know this is easier said than done some weeks. I use Pinterest for inspiration. I look through my old IG photos to jog my memory or I scroll through my favorite hashtags. I save links that friends have posted on Facebook. I look through the pantry to see what ingredients I have to work with.

-This week my folks are in town so I chose veg friendly meals that will also be pleasing to my daddy and husband :-)

mealplanning pic.jpg

2. Next I make a list of days of the week and plan our meals for when they will fit into our schedule best. I add in breakfast options and simple lunches (salads, leftovers, sandwiches) and healthy snacks (fruit, larabars, etc).

3. Then I use my calendar to make my grocery list (again pinterest is a huge help, and all of my favorite cookbooks) plus the usual staples that we always need- soy milk, nut butter, bread etc.

4. Now I’m ready to go to the store armed with my list and totally prepared!

I use good ol’ pen and paper for this but you can use an app or whatever works best for you.

Can you guess that's it's grocery day at the Boxey house?

mealplanningblog .jpg

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