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Birthday Gratitude

Another year older. 37 years. A whole lot to be grateful for.

When I was a child my birthday was so exciting because of the party and the cake and the presents. I remember the anticipation of the surprises to come (and a touch of discomfort about being the center of attention). Now that I’m a little bit older it's not about the presents and surprise (still digging the cake, though, I’ve got to be honest ;-) )…

I feel like it’s a new beginning, another fresh start. Another New Year to celebrate. Thanks to the Universe and my parents for giving me a birthday right in the middle of the calendar year- I get to have two New Year's Days!

I get to celebrate another year walking on this earth. I get to wake up to my kiddo and pup in my face just a tiny bit before my sleep clock had timed out. I get to wake up to thunder and lightening and rain on the window at midnight. I get to feel 2 tiny humans duke it out in my belly when trying to fall back to sleep after waking to the thunder and lightening and rain. I get to enjoy being surrounded by family that loves me and showers me with love. I get to enjoy delicious vegan food on a date with my husband and then wander around the mall aimlessly talking about gratitude and our dreams for the future. I get to read posts and comments and love from hundreds of friends on Facebook (with maybe a tiny touch of that childhood discomfort about being the center of attention). I get to connect with people all over the world, and I get to work towards following my passion and living with compassion another day.

And among all of the “get to’s” that not too long ago were “have to’s” I get to look into myself and take an inventory of where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m being led. It’s a chance to look at what has not been working for me, and take steps to get rid of those blocks (fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of… fear). It’s a chance to celebrate all of the victories. It’s a chance to remember the not too distant past of darker times and to breathe in the gratitude of being ALIVE today! It's a chance to re-commit to what I set as themes for 2015 back in January, so today I re-commit to being consistent, remaining curious, and cleaning up the physical and mental clutter in my life.

My 37th birthday has been wonderful and I thank you all for making it so special. Here's to another blessed year!

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