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What's for breakfast besides boxed cereal?


I got a request to share some suggestions for breakfast ideas to substitute for your boxed cereal. Boxed cereal is usually highly processed and loaded with sugar, so I try to avoid it with a couple of exceptions. Hopefully these options will help: 1. Rip’s Big Bowl /Uncle Sam’s cereal- Rip’s big bowl is awesome- make it ahead (mix the dry ingredients up in a big batch and store in a large jar) or throw it together in the morning, either way. I started eating Uncle Sam Cereal by itself because the commissary stopped carrying the other cereals in the recipe. Or you can get Rip’s big bowl pre-packaged at whole foods now too! 2. Overnight oats- These are so fun! Here’s a good link to get creative with them. Since it’s been chilly out I’ve opted for warm oats which – see #3. 3. Warm Oatmeal – Steel cut, rolled, quick- choose your favorite. Steel cut then Rolled Oats are the least processed I think, and they are available in gluten free (oats are naturally gluten free but some oats are processed with flour so if you have a legit gluten allergy you want to buy GF). Cook according to package directions (I grab my favorite glass mixing bowl and nuke them, shhhh) and add mashed banana and nut butter or whatever you like! (keep it clean without too much sugar though!) Also- stay away from the instant packets, they have a ton of sugar and crap in them. 4. Whole grain toast with nut butter and fruit – I like Ezekiel bread (freezer section) because it’s made of only good stuff (read the ingredients in the bread aisle, woah!) 5. Leftovers or a huge salad! Who says you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast? Did you make an amazing healthy curry last night? Or you can’t stop thinking about your veggie lasagna in the fridge? Or you have all the stuff for a perfect salad… Eat it for breakfast!! Break the rules, but in a good way! I do this almost every time I make chickpea cauliflower curry. YUM! Hope this helps!!!

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