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Consistency, Curiosity, Clearing out the Clutter

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New Year’s Resolutions, 2 weeks later This year I did my New Year’s resolutions a bit different than I have the past couple of years. Last year I made a list of each area of my life (fitness/running, spiritual, nutrition, parenting, finances, etc) and in each area I set 3 or 4 goals. I achieved like 4 things on the list total, but my intentions were there. This year I decided to focus on themes rather than a long overwhelming list. My themes just popped out and were very obvious by the 2nd day of the year… Consistency, curiosity, and clearing out the clutter Consistency I have passion and motivation and drive. Until I don’t anymore. When I’m not feeling it, whatever “it” is at the moment, it’s no longer fun and I no longer want to do it. Now that I’m a grown up this leads to lots of discomfort, as there are things that just need to get done even when it’s not fun (ahem, masters classes, cough). So this is why consistency felt like a necessary theme for 2015. What will happen if I consistency apply effort and attention to my commitments and goals even when I’m not “feeling it”? I think it will be a nice experiment. So far so good! On the 1st of the year I started Chalene Johnson’s 30 day push at the recommendation of my coach. It’s a 30 day challenge to master organization and achieving goals. (It's free to sign up and you get emails with daily videos and assignments). And guess what?!? I’m happy to report that I’ve consistently done all of my assignments so far! It’s a pretty awesome tool in approaching the ol’ To Do list and it’s helping me stay... well...consistent in the things that are most important to me. Curiosity As of late I am very curious. Mostly about what’s going on between my own two ears and how I react to the world around me. The best way, I’m learning, to honor this curiosity is to get quiet and to listen and to wait. My busy mind is very noisy- but {most days} I have a willingness to get still and learn to be quiet. I also have a friend and teacher that I call on daily and I ask lots of questions and she gives me answers (usually the answer is to get quiet). For 2015 I intend to practice sitting meditation every day. I think it will be a nice experiment. So far so good! Clearing out the clutter We have a bunch of stuff. And Christmas brought more stuff. My husband and I got to talking and decided wouldn’t it be fun to do a de-cluttering “challenge” for January. My sister did a 40 bags in 40 days challenge over lent and I thought we could do something like that for the 31 days of January. I made a list of spots in the house that need attention and we set to work on the 1st. We did skip a few days but for the most part we’ve been consistent and some projects have been bigger than others so it’s probably averaged out to a bag for each day. I think it will be a nice experiement. So far so good! I’ll report back soon… I hope this finds you well. Until next time xoxoxo, Maggie

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