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My Vegan Thanksgiving Menu


I was born and raised in the South. I always loved southern comfort food. And our holiday feasts. Planning for my first vegan Thanksgiving was really confusing, because I had no idea how to do Southern AND vegan. Pinterest to the rescue. Want to know my favorite tool for finding vegan recipes other than Pinterest? Google “Best ever vegan _________ recipe”. I’m pretty sure that’s how I found these recipes, because they really are the best ever. Now I need to make a disclaimer: if you’re looking for super duper healthy recipes for your Thanksgiving spread these are not necessarily those (except for the Kale), but I promise they are tasty. (I also promise if you want delicious super duper healthy vegan/ whole food plant based thanksgiving recipes there are a gazillion really good ones out there, my next holiday feast will incorporate more of those)


My Thanksgiving Menu: Southern Style Dressing- This is my favorite part of the menu. My family recipe for dressing (Sarah’s Dressing) is made with bacon grease and hard boiled eggs. This recipe tastes as good if not better, without the animals and artery clogging. I make the Cornbread for the dressing a day ahead. Keep this recipe handy for the next time you want a treat meal with down home cornbread. Roast- Last year we had this Tofurky Roast, this year I think we’re going to try the Gardein Holiday Roast – both are delicious. Gravy - Because it’s Thanksgiving. And you won’t believe it’s vegan. Kale with Sweet Mustard Dressing – I’m pretty obsessed with Kale and this salad from the lovely Christy Morgan, so of course this one makes it to the Thanksgiving spread. Mashed potatoes – Hubby’s job and he makes an amazing batch of mashed potatoes using vegan butter, garlic, and soy milk and lots of love. Green Beans – these are hubby’s favorite thing to make- it’s his secret recipe but I believe he boils the beans until cooked but still a little crisp and then tosses in garlic and soy sauce and again lots of love. Cresent Rolls – just the plain old grocery store crescent rolls. (check ingredients to make sure they are vegan) For a fun family gratitude activity we all wrote out 2 or 3 things we were thankful for on little strips of paper, and then I wrapped them up like a thanksgiving fortune cookie but crescent roll. Pumpkin Pie – I make this the day before, but I usually make 2 or 3 so I can taste it. Man it’s so good and tastes like home. Don’t forget the coconut whipped cream from Oh She Glows. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Go VEGAN!)

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