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“I could never do that!” I hear it all the time. Usually about my running or my diet. Recently it really got me thinking. Why do people say it so often? Then I realized that I too am guilty of saying it. I’ve said it no less than a gazillion times. So I made a list: Things “I could never do”… but did

  • Go vegan (see also- live without cheese and or bacon)

  • Enjoy running

  • Run a marathon (see also run a marathon as a vegan)

  • Give birth naturally with no drugs

  • Become a stay at home mom (both financially and the “doing” part)

  • Enjoy life without alcohol and cigarettes

  • Enjoy life (period.)

And then more thinking…I don’t think that “I could never do that” is what I really mean. What I'm really saying

  • I don’t want to do that

  • I am afraid of doing that

  • I don’t understand that

  • I don’t know how to do that

  • Help me do that

So now when I find myself saying “I could never do that” I hope to be able to identify what I am really saying. Am I afraid? (Most likely yes). Am I unwilling? (That too probably). How can I move from “never” to “maybe” to “let’s do this!”? I think the first step for me is to say “Why not?!” My current list of things “I could never do”... but am going to attempt anyway

  • Financial Freedom

  • Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon

  • Maintain a blog :-)

What has you saying “I could never do that?” and what do you really mean?

#lists #goals #inspiration

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