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Sober. Vegan. Germaphobe. Introvert.

Absolute blast at parties. 

Veteran. Military Spouse. Psych Degree. Lots of other almost degrees. 

Twin + 3 mom. Cat mom. Mom of LGBTQ+ kiddo. MOM. 

Antiracist. Black Lives STILL Matter, even if everyone stopped posting little black squares on social media.

Antidiet (not antidieter). Mind your own body. 

Coffee. Naps. Converse. 

Tattoos. Star Wars. Millennium Falcon Tattoo.

Practicing holding complicated and sometimes contradicting ideas.  

Meditation most days, potty mouth everyday. 

Covid long hauler and meningioma warrior, hence the bullet bio. 

First book in progress, hence the bullet bio. 


"Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time."

- Deborah Chaskin

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